Ripped Freak Review

ripped freakPharmafreak Ripped Freak Review

Pharmafreak did their homework on their most recent ripped freak formula. The product utilizes basic compounds found in most fat burners:

- Green Tea Extract

- Coffee Bean Extract

- Raspberry Ketones

Pharmafreak has a unique way of producing a higher bioavailable, higher concentrated, and more effective form of the extracts. They use methyl gallate ester on the ECCG from the Green Tea extractl which increases lipophilicity and absorption into target cells. This ultimately makes ripped freak more effective than other similar fat burners on the market.

Price Point

Ripped freak can be obtained for as little as $49.97 (ripped freak $49.97 here) which is a fair price for a quality fat burner. Many fat burners that have less effective formulas are going for 60-70 bucks.

Energy Kick

Ripped freak is going to give you a huge energy kick. It is recommended to avoid other stimulants, pre-workouts, etc when taking ripped freak. It’s also important to avoid taking ripped freak before bed.

Conclusion on Ripped Freak

Ripped freak will without a doubt help you burn fat faster. However it’s also important to get your diet in check, and get your ass in the gym. Ripped freak and other supplements won’t work if you don’t – so get off of the computer.

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