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Chances Are, We're A Lot Like You

If you've ever struggled with stress, sleep and pain, or if you've ever wanted to feel better every day, naturally, then we have a lot in common.

Natural Calm Canada CEO, Linda Bolton, discovered magnesium through her sister, Debbie.  For years, Debbie had struggled weekly with severe pain...until she discovered a natural health product - then only available in the US. Taking Natural Calm magnesium citrate daily reduced Debbie's migraines by over 90%.

From her years as a registered nurse, Linda knew that magnesium was used in hospitals, but no one was talking about magnesium as a supplement. That's because Canadians simply didn't have access to a highly absorbable magnesium.

When Linda started taking Natural Calm, right away she noticed that she slept better and had less pain from fibromyalgia. She not only felt better every day, but her doctor marked big improvements in her bone density.

The Better-Tasting, Better-Absorbing, Best-Loved Magnesium

In 2005, Linda started importing Natural Calm to Canada and distributing it wholesale. Retailers and customers loved it because Natural Calm tastes great and gets fast results. Soon, Linda was the exclusive Canadian distributor on behalf of the US makers of Natural Calm, Natural Vitality.

Linda and her husband Dale spent the first ten years of the business changing the way Canadians think about minerals for health. They spoke across the country, on the radio, at health events, and for health store audiences. They educated Canadians on an important fact: most of us are chronically magnesium-deficient, and it's wrecking our health.

They made Natural Calm, the top-selling magnesium in the US (SPINS data) and Canada's best-loved magnesium drink. It's backed by thousands of five-star reviews, testimonials and multiple consumer and industry awards.

In recognition, Linda has been named among the 100 Top Canadian Health Influencers and has ranked for multiple years in the list of Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs.

A Team of Converts

Along the way, Linda and Dale built a team:

Maria Roldan, Business Development lead, is also a nutritionist and our leading advocate of Natural Calm for anxiety and stress. Growing the business while juggling life as Mom to a preschooler, she needs it!

Lissy Majluf, Order Fulfillment and Customer Service, is on the frontlines educating people every day about magnesium. If you have a question about the products, Lissy will get you an answer. Stat.

Anna O'Byrne is our freelance content marketer and copywriter and a fully-recovered former sugar addict, thanks to Natural Calm. Energy crashes are a thing of her past.

Together, the team is growing the business to reach more Canadians every year. The high growth rates have earned Linda a place among Canada's Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs, every year since 2014.

Created to Give

But we’re not just a Canadian success story: Natural Calm is a social enterprise, and an international force for good, donating over $1.5 million to Organics4Orphans to date.

Every Purchase is a Donation

Did you know that every purchase of Natural Calm Canada makes a difference in Africa?

That's right. When you choose Natural Calm, you can feel great about making the best choice for your body and the world.

When Natural Calm owners, Linda and Dale Bolton founded the company, they committed to help orphans in poverty.  Because 17,000 children die every day from hunger and malnutrition - and we can do something about it.

Where Your Money Goes

Dale and Linda founded the not-for-profit, Organics 4 Orphans (O4O). O4O is creating an organic food and natural medicine movement in poor countries. We're doing this in 4 unique ways:

  • Food Security
  • Nutritional Education
  • Disease Prevention
  • Income Generation

O4O's work is grassroots and indigenous-led. We provide the training and basic equipment to grow plenty of organic food at low cost, even in the worst conditions. Then, our graduates pay-it-forward by teaching others how to grow healing, immune-building foods and prepare medicine from the plants they cultivate.

We work with any community that wants to change their health: initially schools and orphanages, but we've expanded to reach women's collectives, villages, and now even prisons.

A Hand Up

Our methods for growing organic food are low-cost, suited to any environment and do-able for anyone. Even grandmothers and children can build gardens the O4O way. If we ever had doubts, they vanished when we taught the children of a blind school to grow their own food by touch!

With the skills they learn from our O4O graduates, communities become dramatically healthier and more self-sufficient. People who had little hope for a future now have skills they can use to be independent and generate income for a lifetime.

Thousands Reached...And Growing

Over the past ten years we've:

  • Created a holistic training centre in Kenya where we run programs year-round for international students;
  • Helped 300 communities in 20 countries grow low-cost, high-nutrient organic food;
  • Trained 1,000 community leaders to teach and spread the model; and
  • Impacted 20,000 lives.

All of this is thanks to over $1.5 million in donations from the sale of Natural Calm in Canada. And it's just the beginning.

O4O is gaining momentum, and we believe you'll someday discover that your simple act of conscious shopping enabled something much, much bigger. In a world of choice, thank you for choosing to support the magnesium brand that's making a difference.

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