Kaizen Caffeine 200 MG Product Review



Kaizen Caffeine gives you a potent dose of caffeine anhydrous that can give you a short term burst of energy as well as enhanced mental focus and alertness. This formula is designed for maximum absorption. When taken in the right dosage, Kaizen Caffeine can also improve cognitive performance. Research has also shown that consuming caffeine before high intensity exercise has been proven to increase athletic performance and muscular endurance.

-Short Term Increases in Energy

-Improved Focus and Alertness

-Won’t cause acid indigestion like coffee or powerful caffeine beverages

Price Point:

Kaizen Caffeine is much cheaper per serving than your average cup of coffee at Starbucks! This product contains 100 servings at 200 mg of caffeine each for only 9.99! An incredibly cheap price when you compare it to the average cup of caffeine!


This is priced very well for a high quality caffeine supplement. Kaizen caffeine is a concentrated caffeine blend that is designed to improve mental focus and alertness and give you increased energy and performance. At a price close to 10 cents a serving, you can’t beat it!

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